Interesting Skills


2020 was a changing landscape for all of us. I felt our people were able to do well because the learn, create, share pedagogy is able to be used so well, even remotely. Interesting to see others catching up with some of the work we have been doing for a while now in Manaiakalani schools.


Maths Vocabulary

 We are doing a hands-on unit on probability at the end of this term and to start we are doing a range of vocabulary activities. This is important for my students for them to be able to talk about the trails and outcomes that they will be completing. One of the things we have done is to bookmark a link to a child friendly Maths Dictionary. This was recommended by Marie Hurst earlier in the year and has been an excellent resource for the students to be able to understand the vocabulary and therefore the concepts.


Reading PLD

Panmure Bridge and Glen Taylor school had the opportunity to work with the fabulous Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey on providing a balanced reading programme. 

It was great to be able to have the time to step back and reflect on the components of the reading programmes we are providing for our students.

My main takeaway from the sessions was to plan for more shared reading opportunities. This is usually done 'on the fly' as we look at a text. This teaching strategy allows for students to: explore more difficult texts, work in social groupings, encourages discussion on the text, and the strategies used to comprehend. 


Collaborative Art

Really enjoyed putting this together with my class. Great discussion starter on collaboration; What is it? What does it look like?


Reading - Looking at opinions

This week we have been working in thinking groups to look at two different opinions. Since we have come back from lockdown it has been important to re-teach co-operative and collaborative skills as we get used to be ing back in the classroom.

For this learning I chose a context that all students are familiar with, the end of year school prize giving. We looked at 2 different texts, one written for students by Kiwi Kids News and the other article from the NZ herald.

We followed parts of the reciprocal teaching model and pulled out the vocabulary that we needed to explore and then we could use in making a decision for ourselves. We collected vocabulary and ideas on post it notes to pull together the ideas from each group.


We posted our ODL to our blogs once it was completed.



Really pleased with the way my instrument art turned out. This links into our unit on light and sound.


Maths Coaching and PLD

Really enjoyed the Maths PLD session this week with Marie Hirst. A great range of activities was shared and we all had a fun time working on these. 
I enjoyed the coaching session too, it is always nice to get a different perspective on what we are doing in our classrooms. Being able to discuss learning progressions and next steps for individual students is valuable learning.