Manaiakalani Staff Meeting - Term 1

Robyn, Chantal and I led our first Manaiakalani Staff Meeting for 2018. The focus for the first term is always 'Share'. One of the questions posed was to reflect back on our own professional learning last year. What did we discover during our spiral of inquiry that was effective in making a difference?

For me I did a lot of work getting my students using Reciprocal Teaching strategies, I probably could have gone further using our digital skills to record and reflect on sessions. However I was really pleased with the students confidence in talking about text and their results in our end of year assessments.

My suggestion for teachers starting out this year, and choosing an achievement challenge to focus on, based on their data, is to look at what was done last year across the CoL. 2017 CoL Inquiries. What worked and what didn't? What could you build on, adopt, or adapt to meet the needs of your 2018 learners?

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