Starting to see traction

Really happy with the session today. A lot of progress with the responses and comments idea. We discussed the idea of 'chains of conversation' before we started and I think this made a difference as we had a much better conversation and a lot of comments were being made about what other group members had said. This idea of conversation chains comes from the work we have been doing with Jannie van Hees. 

This slide of Jannie's talks about the scaffolders that will help students develop an abundance of language. It is interesting that the peer section matches what I am hoping to achieve with my students. Also as part of these sessions Jannie has emphasised the role of the teacher in introducing new vocabulary to the students. I am thinking of a way that I can be involved in the students discussions with out undermining the improvements I have seen in the students when the teacher doesn't take an active role. I feel that I do have the ability to introduce the extended vocabulary needed.

This is the template that I am working on and want to introduce next term. The idea being to build on having a conversation by adding links to the chain. Thanks to Ashley Schellingerhout for letting me re-purpose her template. 

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