Asking the students

We did our third session today. The students are starting to take more initiative and our responses and comments continue to improve. They knew that I wouldn't be talking so they were quicker to respond with their ideas, and respond to each other. However they still mainly spoke making eye contact with  me rather than talk directly to each other. Even when commenting on someones response.

I decided that I would ask them to fill in a google form about how they had found it so far.
They reported that the easiest part was sharing their ideas as a response to the text and the hardest part is commenting on other peoples responses.

Interestingly they all preferred to read a book, but liked the most challenging text we have done that was presented as a digital text.
They were a bit confused by the question asking them what I could do as the teacher to make it easier and replied with what they could do: "Go back and read the text again", "Give more responses", "I need to go back to the text to get my own ideas from it"

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