Where to from here?

  • I want to include 2 other students in the group to see if they can spark more conversation. This will also be an opportunity to include more than one boy in the group. 
  • I will continue to use the short text book format as this is how we can get as much mileage done in the time available, and what the students enjoyed.
  • I want to step away and see if they can fill in the sheet by themselves, this will also stop them from looking to me when they respond to the text.
  • After a few more sessions I wan to record the conversation and write up a transcript to see if I can identify trends in the responses and comments.
  • I also need to make sure I go over what the language of questioning with the group so that they know what sort of response is needed.
I am hoping to give this another 2 weeks and then do the recording and check in again with the students about how they think it's going.

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