First session

This week I started the intervention with my target group. They found the activity and text very challenging (more so than I expected). They understood the goal was to have a discussion, but they defaulted to putting up their hand and talking to the teacher.
The scaffold I had created worked well as I was able to record how many things were said and the students used the sentence stems really well to respond to the text. They were even able to use it says in the text... which was great. They were less able to comment on what each other had said, so this will be a focus for our next session.
I think that I will need to find a simpler text for the next session. So that the focus is on the discussion  points I'm introducing.

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Robyn Anderson said...

I love the way you have chosen to record the amount of contributions to the discussion that your learner's are giving Kiri, only wish I'd thought of that last year! I'm looking forward to seeing how your discussion starters evolve as your students become more confident when talking about the texts they are reading and take ownership of the talk. Thanks for sharing.